Frequently Asked Questions

Will the project be completed on budget?
If there are no changes to the design and no additional features are requested, then there will be no change to the estimate.

What if I want to make some changes, different coloured paving for example?
We want you to be thrilled with what we do and so are flexible: we will advise you of any changes to the cost of the project if there are amendments to the original design.

Will the work be impacted by the weather?
Unfortunately we are unable to influence when we have a wet spell, or just as challenging, a dry spell! We work within the confines of the environment to ensure that the garden is not affected by either very wet or very dry weather.

What if my plants die?
The vast majority of plants settle into their new surroundings well but there are always one or two that don’t make it. In those instances let us know and we will plant a replacement for you.

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